Are you in your 40's, ready to boost your energy & drop some weight so you can enjoy life again?


The Perimenopause Plate: Delicious Solutions for a Healthier Transition and Beyond

this 6-week program which will take you from feeling confused about how to beat the bulge and that sluggish feeling that has hit like a freight train, to having a clear plan of action tailored to this stage of life that gets results.

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The struggle is real...

you're starting to notice changes to your body...

that stubborn weight, slumps of energy, feeling bloated more often, and a good nights sleep seems impossible.

Everything you try seems to either not work, or is such an effort.

It's sucking the joy out of life.

I know you’re confused, you feel like you’ve never had a problem until now, and you’re not sure what else to do.

You may feel that you’ve lost your way.

You’ve tried many things…fasting, changing up the macros, exercise... but it just makes you feel more frustrated and exhausted, as the results just aren’t coming through.

There also might be those achy joints, getting hotter, brain fog (where did I put the keys?), and the list seems to go on.

How bloody frustrating!!

The amount of messages out there these days just creates more confusion of what you should be doing.

You don't have time to try and work it out, and the stuff you've tried doesn't work anyway.

You want a solution that is clear, gets results, and is realistic to achieve…not restrictive and alienates you from everyone else.

I mean, we all love some carbs and a glass of wine right?  

Hi! I'm Mel

...and I am in perimenopause.

Saying that sounds like some kind of confessional, or some kind of club...that isn't particularly cool (in fact, it's often

I am determined to make this stage of life one to remember...for good reasons, not overshadowed by those annoying symptoms.

As a nutritionist, I feel priviledged to have helped hundreds of women who are also at this stage of life to navigate what that means and how to feel better so they can start living a fuller life.

I can tell is possible to feel great again.

There's no time for feeling frumpy...there's still way too much fun stuff to do!

So lets get to it :)

Introducing...The Perimenopause Plate

Delicious Solutions for a Healthier Transition and Beyond

This 6-week program designed to take you from feeling overwhelmed and confused about how to beat the bulge and that sluggish feeling that has hit like a freight train, to having a clear evidence-based plan of action, tailored to this stage of life that gets results.

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The Perimenopause Plate program


Is tailored to addressing the changes required at this stage of life to get results.

Given that most dietary advice out there has either been researched in men, or is aimed at the general population, no wonder it doesn't work.

We need something specific.

The program includes info on habit change science, since this is required for lasting success alongside the right information.

It also includes accountability - these are the gems that make us show up and take action.

Ever felt like "I know what I need to do but I just don't do it"? This program will give you tools so  you can do it and continue to do it!

Through working with over one hundred in women in perimenopause, I had to find a more efficient way to help more women feel fantastic, and give them the support they need...this is why Fabulous Forties was born.

Live weekly lessons in my Zoom room

I will be here for you live each week. That way you can clarify things as we go, and I can add in the extra bits of info you need from me.

And don't worry if you can't watch in real-time, the sessions will be recorded for you to view in your own time (and you have a lifetime access!).

Weekly Q & A sessions (live)

When you've tried implementing the information but it's still not working for you...ask away and I can help troubleshoot for you.

I will be here for you each week to answer any questions, and if you can't attend live, you can pre-submit your questions and the answer will be recorded for you.

A virtual goodie bag  (includes perimenopause recipes, a shopping list my recommended products)

This makes meal planning and shopping a breeze.

No more need to read those labels and second guess which thing to choose - just go for the ones I've done the hard work and analysed for you.

6 week live program content

Making healthy habits stick

Ever felt like you've known WHAT to do but you still don't do it?

By the end of this week you will understand how to make your new habits stick so that you can get off the dieting merry-go-round and have a sustainable plan which gets results.

What should I eat post 40yrs

Let's clear up that confusion. 

I will cover the key foods to be eating at this age, why you need to include them and how to add them easily into your routine.

You will be able to confidently plan meals that you don't need to spend hours preparing.

The power of protein

You've probably heard that protein is important, and it is especially so at this stage of life.

Let's go will learn the variety of proteins to include (including options for my vegetarian and vegan friends), how to calculate how much you should have, and meet your needs in a day.

This will help you say goodbye to sugar cravings and stay full for longer, so you can get to the weight you feel comfortable with.

Veggies are friends with benefits

Plant foods can be a game changer for hormones. 

Learn which specific types of plants which have the greatest effect on your hormones at this age, practical ways to include them in your meals and how to make them tasty.

Let's ramp up results

Learn which are the added extras that can really help to reduce perimenopause symptoms.

What type of exercise is most effective? How to get better sleep? How to reduce stress?

The answers to these questions and more, will have you jumping with energy, losing that stubborn belly fat and continuing to get results.

Moving forward

Understand how to tie it all together so that you can stay consistent with your new habits and keep on track for lasting results.

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and there's more...




I know life can get hectic sometimes, so I'm including lifetime access to the program.

This means that you get access to all future program as research is updated, you won't have to pay extra to gain the info.


meal plan


If you feel like you need a plan to follow..this one's for you!

You will receive a 2 week meal plan which includes all the top foods to help reduce perimenopause symptoms and in the portions you should be aiming for.

Perimenopause supplements guide


The right vitamins & minerals can be a game changer for many. It's great to start with food, but adding the right supplement can uplevel the results you receive. 

This guide will help you determine which ones are for you.

Perhaps you're thinking

I don’t have time

Each week you will learn something so you can start feeling better…if you don’t have time to attend live, it will be recorded for you to watch in your own time.

I tried everything...this will be no different

There are specific strategies that have to be followed at this age to get results. The same old, cookie cutter, latest internet crazes won’t work as they are aimed at the general public. I have taken the research specific to perimenopausal women to draw out what gets results at this age.

I don’t have the money…

What could you do if you had more energy, had a clear plan of action to follow and reduced symptoms so they weren’t such a bother?

It’s all about priorities…think about how important your health is and maybe you can sacrifice spending on other less important things for this month.

The symptoms will go away soon anyway...

Sorry, but I have news for you...symptoms can last from perimenopause and continue once you have reached menopause. 

It is important to take action now for not only your own health, but also your sanity.

So are you ready to stop feeling average & start feeling fabulous?

Pay in full - save

$497 AUD

  • 6 weeks live lessons
  • 6 weeks Q & A sessions
  • Perimenopause recipes
  • Shopping list
  • List of fave products
  • Perimenopause meal plan
  • Perimenopause supplement guide

Pay in 2 installments

$298 today

PLUS one further payment $298 mid-program

  • 6 weeks live lessons
  • 6 weeks Q & A sessions
  • Perimenopause recipes
  • Shopping list
  • List of fave products
  • Perimenopause meal plan
  • Perimenopause supplement guide

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So lets buy the program & start moving through the 6 weeks...

You get practical tips that you can start implementing straight away and the results start to roll in

You have a clear plan of what to eat for this stage of life

Which leads to less confusion and overwhelm when planning meals

Your energy will increase

So that you can enjoy the things you’re doing, rather than just getting through them

You will have support and accountability along the way 

Which helps you to keep implementing the suggested changes

You will finish the program with a sustainable plan and the tools to keep going with it so it sticks